Communicating Science
a crash course on scientific writing and more for science and engineering graduate students and researchers

Raymond Boxman
Edith Boxman


Communicating Science is a short course aimed at STEM graduate students and early stage researchers, with the objective of enabling them to convey their work more effectively and efficiently to their colleagues. Researchers spend a significant fraction of their time on communication tasks, e.g. preparing journal papers, internal reports, theses, lectures, posters and research proposals. However they often lack formal training in these tasks. Communicating Science aims to fill this gap.
We chose the course title Communicating Science rather than a more conventional name like scientific writing, because the tasks demand much more than writing. Much of the scientific story is conveyed through photographs, illustrations, diagrams and graphs, and their design is as essential as the “writing”. And often the scientific story is presented orally, e.g. as lectures or posters at conferences.
The web site provides information on our short course, and resources for students, researchers, scientific writing instructors, and writing center tutors.


How do I start writing a journal paper? Step 1 – sort the results.

Many students and even experienced researchers investigate their topic for years, accumulate tens if not hundreds of results in the form of graphs, oscillograms, micrographs, photographs, tables, etc., but then are stuck – they can’t seem to start writing. This post conveys some suggestions on how to start. The heart of a “research report” is …

Welcome to our Communicating Science Blog

Hello and welcome to our blog page aimed at science and engineering students and researchers who need to publish, and writing instructors. We will post from time to time advice for writing better and more efficiently, and we welcome questions and suggestions. Ray and Edith Boxman