“The Boxmans’ scientific writing short course has become a regular graduate course since 2017 at Xi’an Jiaotong University in Xi’an, China. It is a very popular — every year around 100 students register for the course. It is quite successful because it teaches the students how to think and how to organize the materials when they begin to write a scientific paper. Further, it suggests how to organize their scientific research, so that a good paper can be naturally derived from it. I expect that the course will continue to be successful, and more students will benefit from it in the future.”

Prof. Dr. Zhiyuan Liu
Department of Electrical Engineering,
Xi’an Jiaotong University

“We were very interested in Prof. Ray Boxman’s writing short course. Two years ago we invited him to present this course to our students. The course was wonderful, and our students learned a lot from it.”

Prof. Dongping LIU
Head, Plasma Physics and Nanomaterials Analysis group
Dean, School of Physics and Materials Engineering
Dalian Nationalities University

“I invited Prof. Boxman to conduct a writing short course in my university.
It was very helpful to my students.”

Prof. Sun Kyu Kim
University of Ulsan

The feedback from my Ph.D. students taking part in your scientific writing short course was overwhelmingly positive. My students found it particularly helpful that you gave clear recommendations regarding the structure of scientific papers, thesis, proposals, presentations and lectures, including your “do” and “don’t do” recommendations as well as the writing style recommendations. I am most grateful to you for taking the time to visit us in Aachen.”

Prof. Jochen M. Schneider
Lehrstuhl für Werkstoffchemie
RWTH Aachen University

“I attended Dr. Boxman’s scientific writing course several years ago when he visited Kazan National Research Technological University. In my university, I translate scientific texts from Russian into English, so this course interested me from the very beginning. Before attending this course, I translated several papers for high impact factor peer-reviewed journals and the discussion of language quality with journal editors has always been an important part of the editing process. The key outcome of this course for me was understanding that scientific writing is an essential part of generating a translated research paper: we must not only translate but create a new scientific text in English. After completion of this course, my translation process includes active communication with text authors: we change text structure, some phrases and words when we feel that a direct Russian-to-English translation will not provide us with good results. The final translation is now attuned to the culture of scientific writing in English, and that simplifies the paper editing process.”

Artem N. Bezrukov, Ph.D.,
Associate Professor
Department of Physical Chemistry
Kazan National Research Technological University


Thank you very much for the excellent course! I am writing a paper at the moment and the clear structure and important points presented and discussed in the course as well as the exercise immediately helped me to greatly improve the draft. Additional and very positive features are the course slides and especially the book, which are extremely helpful for further in-depth reading and refreshing of the course topics. I already used both the book and the slides as reminders.

David Leimbach